Our Portfolio



Timber Products

Our timber products are produced and sourced from several workshops using environmentally sustainable timber sources. We have spent much time researching the best environmental practices and timbers to use in our district, and we are currently working on a sourcing strategy for currently the primary wood used, Acacia Nilotica, is taken from managed wood lots and is used locally for firewood.

Our timber products range from toys and massage rollers through to garden furniture. Most of our lumber is a breed of Acacia nilotica, a strong and beautiful hardwood timber with a lot of characters native to India.

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Textile Products

Teddy produces quality textile products using fabrics sourced throughout India.

Textile products we produce range from cosmetic and shopping bags through to sarongs and cushions. We design and manufacture as well as having our own printing units.

We are currently in the process of developing products in organic cotton.
View samples of our timber products online or textiles products online, and please register with us to gain access to our full catalogue and latest designs.

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