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About Teddy Exports

Teddy Exports founder Amanda Murphy started the business with just 5 people working from a small mud-built hut in the village - conditions were very basic and progress was slow. In 1991, the Teddy Trust was set up so that profits could be used to invest in local community welfare, especially education and health.

Today Teddy Exports employs almost 400 local people and had a turnover of £1.6 million in 2005-06. It produces a range of products for export across the world.

These include:
" massage rollers, made from a sustainable, local wood source
(Acacia nilotica).

" cotton bags to hold the massage rollers; shopping bags and a range of more elaborate gift bags. Our screen printing unit will customise Textiles with specific designs or logos.

" other textile and wooden items from Gift bags, boxes and accessories. Workers at Teddy receive free medical care, subsidized lunch and tea in the company canteen, annual excursions and functions and a safe and pleasant working environment. Good wages mean that workers can afford good homes, education for their children and are able to save money for the future.

In 1998 Amanda was awarded an MBE for her work. Although she has been the driving force behind the company, she has gradually handed over the general day to day running of the business, and is confident that it will continue to thrive.


Teddy Exports has been fortunate in having its commitment to enduring social and economical development recognized through International and local Awards.

MBE AWARD - 1998

Mrs. Amanda Murphy, Founder and Project Co-ordinator, Teddy Exports and Teddy Trust is among the youngest recipients of the Member of the British Empire(MBE), a royal honour. It was conferred on her in October'98 in recognition of her success in blending entrepreneurial vision and social welfare.

CROWN AGENTS FOUNDATION AWARD-1999 www.worldaware.org.uk/awards

Teddy Exports has been awarded the

Teddy Exports has been given this award for its' significant contribution towards sustainable, socio-economic development of a community.

Teddy was shortlisted by the committee for :

The GIBB Award for Sustainable Development

The Rio Tinto Award for Long-term Commitment

Mrs. Amanda Murphy, Founder of Teddy Exports/Trust received this prestigious award (sponsored by "CROWN FOUNDATION" under the patronship of the Queen of England) from RT. HON. RICHARD CABORN, M.P (BRITAIN)
at a ceremonial function held at the
Royal Institution of Great Britain
on 19th January 2000.

Our Values

'Business with Social responsibility'

'Making money to make sense for the society'

Design Service

Teddy Exports mainly produces textile products based on buyer's requirements, however we are finding increasing demand for quality design services. To meet this we have developed over the years a full-service design department of 10 designers and pattern makers / cutters, trained by western designers that has enabled us to develop products from a fusion of Eastern and Western trends. The design team directly services the high streets and retailers of the UK and other fashion-conscious markets.

The result is a unique and innovative aesthetic attractive to retailers and their customers. If you require more information about our design services, please email teddy@teddyexports.net with your questions and requirements.